Monday, December 1, 2008

Are You Feeling Lucky?

It just so happen, there is this little blue and orange book, that requires a good home to go to because all of it's other cohort has gone off to various places after their graduation. One of it's member had gone off to become a poet, where in its life time will be filled with original poems. Another had gone to become an artist, it will be filled with sketches it's owner would have decided is worth putting on paper. Another fellow member has become a personal diary, where it lives a double life and the twin is filled with words of inspirations and thoughts and dreams.

What does fate have in store for this blue and orange book? Ready with the matching orange glitter pen attached on its spine, slightly different from the crowd it hoped to be. Little windows to peek into its soul mayhaps? Proudly displaying the exposed binding that holds the content of its inside, showing it's vulnurability yet strength to face the world.

An opportunity has risen! Lo, and make haste, write in what dreams and aspirations the book can turn into in your posession in the comment box. This book will travel over land and water just to be by your side.

Two weeks this will last, and at the end of two weeks it will be decided to whom the book will go to... The contest is closed! And winner is announced!


  1. I'm feelin' LUCKY!! :D

    - Sabby Wabby :)

  2. I so covet this notebook most fair.
    I would fill up it's pages with flair.
    How I'd love this most gorgeous creation.
    For I know it would bring inspiration.

  3. Hello Universe! This is my intention " This notebook is MINE! I am the WINNER of this BOOK! When two weeks is over the notebook is in my hands!" there, intention has been set...muahahahaha.

  4. P.s. When in my possession, it shall be filled with happy moments, pictures of friends and memorable moments that will go in the pages and shall remain timeless forever....(must have evil laugh) ...Muahahahahahahaha

  5. life is like a blank page, it is filled up with what you do with it... just like what you will write or print or draw on a blank page... it holds memories thats dearest to you... :)

  6. Your binded books are so nice-very unique! I especially love the colors and the beautiful threads you use to bind them.

    Very nice!



  7. I want the book!! hehe.. i wanna write about how i met my Mr. God's Gift730... I wanna write about our love... our happiness... our ups and down together.. From the moment we met on the 13th of January 2008... til present.
    About how very welcome are the parents and family towards me. About our happiness moments when his parents came down to meet up with my parents. I wanna filled it up with pictures of the times we spend together especially during His Bday in March.
    I wanna filled up the beautiful book with all the beautiful pictures and the beautiful love moments.

    TQ =)

  8. Rozi.. I had a dream that this book was filled with my life stories, being away from home.. no promises of original poetry nor drawings but truths and reflections of days that passes by!

  9. I'm feeling lucky!! I'm sure this little blue and orange book will be posted all the way from Brunei to Bradford, UK. (=

    I'm very sure that this is my lucky day. Why else am I awaken at 3.25am and had a sudden urge to visit this site? Fate brought me to this book (=

  10. Unfortunately Asma, you just missed it. No worries, there will be other giveaways in the near future. Just keep a lookout.


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