Thursday, December 11, 2008

The First Bookbinding Class

It was a great session, a small and intimate group. Everything was prepared and provided including refreshments (yummy food) and all they had to do was bring themselves. By the end of the session, everybody left feeling satisfied, happy and very pleased. Not to mention the other freebies I threw in as well. Best of all, they asked when the next class is going to be, so I'm planning the next stage to continue the particular binding method they had learned.

Another beginners stab binding class will be held on the 21st December, for the moment all the spots are already taken. I'll keep you posted if a space opens up. If there is enough of you interested, I can do another class on the 25th December as well, providing you're not too occupied with it being Christmas and all, for me it's a public holiday that I get to rest from work. Just email me and let me know and I'll send you the details.

In the mean time, enjoy the pictures! Link is on the left bar up top.

There are 3 days left before the book giveaway contest ends on Sunday...


  1. Dear Rozi,

    I am a house wife, living far away from u; in India. Let me congratulate You with my whole heart. I fell in love with ur artistic and imaginative skills!!
    Those creations are beautiful, marvelous, not getting the exact words...i wish if i can join ur happy to see this blog and ur works..
    congrats once again!

    with lots of love,

  2. Your "I have to" list - the book binding class is done and in progress! Yeah!


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