Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Greeting Pop Up Flowers Book & A Happy Birthday To Muji

Yes I finally gotten around to offloading pictures from my camera, and no I have not found my camera cable yet. Fortunately I could use my fiance's cable since we both have the same digital camera model. It was our Christmas presents.

Photo from Rano

Anyhoo, check this out, I made that purple thing up there that's smack dab in the centre of the picture that Muji (in purple) is exclaiming wow over. (I was informed by the client so it's true, thanks Haryanie) The ones giving it to her were my clients, nicest people ever, they came to see me a couple of times to discuss what they wanted.

They asked for something special, and I invited them to come over to see what I have and discuss on what it was that they were looking for. They liked the idea of the engagement folders that I had made and asked for something similar and supplied me with a photo. And my only other lead was purple, she loves the colour I was told.

My challenge was, how to make it different enough and something that I'm happy with? Rule of thumb, if I'm not happy with it, neither will the client.

And you know what she was looking at?

Pop up flowers greeting card book/folder


It all came together on the nth hour. The right material just happen to land on my table, the right colours popped up and I happen to have all the colours in various forms, like they were waiting in anticipation. I was quite stressed making this but it was worth it. Smart, simple yet stunning. When I presented it to the clients they were really happy with it complete with audible gasp. Hey, it worked! Why, because the element of surprise were the flowers. They popped up.

The partially opened flower

All those pop up engineering books I have helped. I was able to solve the structural problem in order for the flowers to open up properly. It was so simple. Yet so effective.

Detailed shot of the front of the book/folder

And when the covers are closed, it's held by a double bow tie with a cascading flower gems on the front of the purple glittered chiffon covers.

Really love those pop up flowers....


  1. ur welcome...i love the pop up flowers too...n i love the custom made journal i got from u...i don't know how to describe ur work...to me u r a super woman...

    another order will come up soon once confirm if my bestfren is coming down from uk to visit me...since i only get to see her once a year as she's staying in uk...i want to give her something special...

    n i know u can help me in this with ur magic fingers n wonderful creative idea...

  2. What a gorgeous folder. Stunning. No wonder they were all pleased!

  3. Haryanie: Aaaaww, you're making me blush ^_^
    Tomorrow's post is on your journal.
    Am waiting in anticipation for what your next order might be. I'm currently packing books and albums to be sent to friends in Australia and Greece, can't wait when they'll receive their respective packages.

    Doda: Thanks Doda, I just can't get over how simple the solution was in solving the engineering for the flowers. It was one of those, smack-hand-on-forehead moment. And the colours just fell into place, it was meant to be! Riding high at the moment, you know that giddy feeling of a job well done, yeah, I'm like that ;-D


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