Thursday, October 22, 2009

Buku Hantaran: Gold with pink and purple

I love this shot, I had to make it the first picture for this post, plus, it shows the true colours used for the base, the other shots I think I over did it on AP. Nevermind, artsy shots always good.

See those tassles? Perfect! A bit stiff here because they hadn't soften up yet, but it's all good, don't want them too limp either now do we...

I stuck the flowers down in pairs randomly over the cover, and I used the cylinder glass beads with the tiny pink rosette to finish off the wide organza gold ribbon used to tie up in doors closed.

The base was a two layer process with a cream patterned (you can just see it) and then over layed with a slighty bronzy organza with glass beads, the material was called Princess Organza when I bought it. Pretty isn't it...

Here's the overall look of the folder, the colours don't do it justice, I just can't get the AP right, and I can't retake the shot either since it was already picked up by the client. Fini was cool, in the sense she sent me images of things she liked colours or look of, the only thing was, she kept on changing her mind until the last image she sent. Which we both liked and I decided to use the colour pallet from that for her folder. Glad you like the folder Fini, I hope your engagement day was fantastic and happy occassion!

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