Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wedding Guest Book: My Very First Commission

For three wedding events & photos!

This book was made in... 2004! Goodness that was a long time ago... Back then I only knew two binding methods, coptic and stab. That was it. Good thing I expanded my répertoire.

Right, this guest book was commissioned with the idea that it was for three seaperate wedding events. The couple was a local Chinese bride and a Protugese groom. So they had a chinese wedding style, a local malay style wedding and a church wedding in Portugal. So the bride wanted a guest book that can accomodate all that.

So the book I made consist of three sections, one for each event. Each event got their own sections so they would only need to undo the ribbon for that particular sectioned event, hence all the gold ribbons at the sides. The bit with the windows is where they can place their wedding photo hence the window. This book has two front and no back if you get me...

Oh, the cool part, the material used for the covers was the same material that the bride made her wedding chongsam. She only gave me so much, 1/2 meter or 1/4 meter, it wasn't alot and man, I was glad you can't see the joints because I had to join them and by the time I was done, she asked for the leftovers, it was only like 2 x 3 inches.

I can't remember the details about the book now, I think I made sure each section had 100 pages, the dimension was probably 10 x 7 inches based on the bench it was on in the picture.

The book travelled well, it went half way around the world and back, and I told the bride if anything happens just let me know and I'll repair it for you... I'm good like that.


  1. amazing Rozi... such a cool idea x

  2. beautiful book. Good idea with the alternate book areas in three sections.


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