Thursday, December 29, 2011

Colours: The Meaning of Combinations in Feng Shui...

I only just learned this, it was too good not to share, extracted from Lillian Too - Feng Shui Master, also a belated Christmas greetings to all my fellow readers and followers in blogland, craftsville and artisans..

Wow - I just love all the bright lights and vibrant colors at this time of year - it's so energizing and uplifting! I was thinking today that the colour combination of green and red that we see everywhere now usually suggests Christmas to most Westerners... but to the Chinese feng shui practitioner green and red is the best colour combination for generating fame luck, popularity and recognition.

Yes, green and red is a combination that means success... green strengthens red based on the productive cycle of the five elements... wood feeds fire with power and energy. So here's a tip you can use long after the Christmas season is over... to bring good fortune to the family and especially success that benefits the sons in the family use the combination of green and red in their rooms after they have passed the age of twelve years. 

Which red color is best? The most auspicious red colours to use are cinnabar red, New Year red and ox blood red. 

Now if you're after money and successful business deals then silver and purple are excellent colors to use... because the words silver and purple sound like ngan chee in Cantonese which means money. So this combination - purple with silver has very powerful connotations for wealth luck. In fact, purple alone is a powerful and very prosperous colour.

Colours are very effective irrespective of which feng shui method you use and can be used in your home according to the location of the sector being decorated or based on your individual kua number. If you don't know your kua number you can easily find it by going to and you'll find the kua calculator in the upper right corner of the screen. 

So... and a Happy New Year to one and all!!

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  1. A l'aube de cette nouvelle année, je vous renouvelle tous mes voeux afin que tout soit possible y compris le bonheur.
    Gros bisous


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