You got a question that needs answering? Write it in the comment box and I'll answer it to the best able.

Where is your shop?
I don't have a shop, I make everything out from my studio at home.

When my order is ready where do I collect?
You will pick up from my place of work in Gadong during working hours.
You will pick up from my residence in Berakas during non working hours and weekends.
There is the odd chance of arranging a meeting some place somewhere sometime...

Can you do deliveries?
At the moment no.

Do you just make books?
No, I make folders, albums, and other stuff that's too many to list out, I deal mainly in paper. I also paint, illustrate and design.

Where do you get your materials from?
All over the world, where ever I happen to be at any moment in time... I also believe in sourcing materials locally. My philosophy to make do with what you have because the limited the specialised items are, the more creative you become with the basics that you can find. It's a challenge I put to myself.

How long does it take to make a book / folder / custom?
It depends on what is going on in my life at that moment, I would prefer at least a month notice so I can plan my time for it, to look for the materials, time to make, last minute disasters... And still complete them in time.

Worth calling and asking if I'm available.

Can you do last minute orders?
It depends whether I am free to do so, worth calling and asking to find out.

Why do you use roses so much?
Because I have 3 boxful I am trying to use up, but right now am pretty low in certain colours, especially pink and shades of purple.

Can I request for anything other than flowers?

Do you give discounts if I order a lot?
I give discounts at my discretion for now.

If I want to place an order, say a hantaran folder, what sort of details would you need?
I would need to know the size your hantaran list is going to be on (A4 or A5), colours (two to three would be helpful), likes and dislikes (flowers, hearts, blings, etc etc), if I need any more details I'd give you a call (if you are emailing please include your phone number so I can easily contact you if need be. If you are texting me a message please include a name so it's a two way thing, you know my name and I don't know yours, hard for me to address you)

"Tahan kah buku ani, tahan?" (Translation: How lasting is it?)
It'll last depending on how well you keep it, I always tell my clients to keep in a cool and dry place and treat them with care.

Will you be able to repair the items I bought from you?
All folders, books, albums made comes with a warranty, so if things like loose binding, flowers missing, those are fixable, bring it over and I'll have them fixed in a jiffy, so to speak.

Do you do this full time?
Not yet. I fit it in around my day job, my family, and my baby.

How come you don't answer my email straight away?
Because there are times when I don't have the time to check my mail, so it's useful if you'll text me as well to remind me to check. Also because I have to think over whether it's possible to do what it is that you want before I reply your email.

Do you have a sample that I can see?
Yes and no. If you're talking about a hantaran folder, there is a pink one currently at Hantaran By Heidi. Everything else, I make to order, right now I'm trying to build up my own collection.

Do you rent out hantaran folders?
No, all folders are made to the clients' specification.

Can the price for the hantaran folder be cheaper?
I care about the quality of the hand made items I make, and it takes time and skill to do so. If you're looking for cheaper, there are shops around that makes their own version.

Where did you learn to make these books?
It started off as an elective subject in university when I was doing my Visual Communication specialising in Illustration degree. Found out there was a Masters of Art in Book Arts which I applied to and got a place half way through the final year of my degree, yay!

What is your background that made you all artistic?
Always have been a creative kid.
I like making nice things.
I like paper.
It was a frugal decision, then.
I go shopping and look at said item and find myself thinking, I can make this.
Studied art from primary to post grad.
My day job is in a related field, although it involves writing out programme guides for courses to run in the schools.

Why are you still using Blogspot?
Because I am still doing my research and deciding on what and how and where my future lies with this.


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