Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pink & Purple

These are some of the books I have on me right now... Don't know how long they'll be with me until someone comes along and decide they want to own one. Just let me know and I'll hold on to it for you.

The large white butterfly embossed book is A5 in size, with pink and purple pages, and girly ribbons to tie the book close. Part of the Princess series I started up, only I had to stop cos I ran out on some of the components, mainly the ribbons... And there's a little A6 size one as well if you're going for matching set *grin* san tie. This was the book that inspired me to start up the series. It was an experiment to see how well the white embossed paper I picked up in Singapore form a Japanese shop would work as a cover. Very well apparently, and matched it up with the pink embossed paper which came from India, so I was told.

I pick up paper everywhere I travel :-D

The stripy purple book was part of a set of four books. They either have pink, purple or both coloured pages. Each one has about 200 pages it's a nice robust little book, same size to a novel. You could see where the other three went here and here.

The thin silver purple book, you can read about it here.

More books to come...

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