Saturday, April 10, 2010

Work In Progress: Long Overdue... Part 4

Aaaaannnndddd they're complete! Ok, 99% because I still have the single folder left which I finished earlier but now when compared to these I'm not too happy with and I might just take that one apart... maybe...

The concertina portrait

The pictures given were a mix of both portrait and landscape, and to make that as one album I didn't like the idea of the dead space the framing will have. It's a construction that I'll leave for another time, right now it was a matter of finishing and be done with it.

All stretched out, more or less...

There were three portrait pictures and five landscape pictures. They are quite big as each framed picture is 11 inches by 13 inches, when you start pulling them out you can imagine how much space they take.

A back view

These shots were taken on my king size bed as I needed a large flat uncluttered surface. My usual set up was just too small...

The landscape version

So you can imagine when I pull out the landscape concertina it stretched across the length of the bed.

Back view of landscape album, notice the different ribbon placement

Due to their size, I couldn't figure out how to photograph them interestingly enough. The client and her family are away for two weeks, leave me with enough time and daylight to experiment with the photo composition at least...

More pictures of the albums can be seen here.

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